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Strength Fest 2020_Log Press Text.png

The California Log Press State Championships are a true test of upper body strength. This takes Strongman and puts a Powerlifting Spin on it. Athletes will get 3 attempts to lift the heaviest log possible overhead. State, National, and World Records are going to be up for grabs!

StrengthFest 2020_Stone Left Text - Pink

The inaugural California Stone Lifting State Championships is the best that Strongman has to offer. The premiere event at World's Strongest Man every year is the Atlas Stones. This takes that to the next level with a Max Weight Atlas Stone Challenge. Athletes will load Atlas Stones from 95 lbs to 470 lbs in an effort to become California Stone Man and Stone Woman.

Strength Fest 2020_Truck Pull Text.png

The inaugural California Truck Pull State Championships is a true test of total body strength. Athletes will pull vehicles ranging from lifted trucks to semi trucks in an effort to set the best time in their weight class. Truck Pull will include harness and rope for a length of 60 feet.

Strength Fest 2020_Powerlifting Classic

The Central Coast Open Powerlifting Classic is the longest running and most prestigious powerlifting meet in San Luis Obispo County. Join the strongest lifters in California to see how much you can Squat, Bench, and Deadlift. This is a USPA Sanctioned contest with qualification opportunites for USPA Nationals and Worlds.

StrengthFest 2020_Armlifting Text - Pink

The California Armlifting State Championships is the ultimate Grip Strength Competition. Test your grip strength against the strongest in the land. All performances will count towards 2020 season rankings and have the opportunity to make the leaderboards!



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